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Proxlet For Mac 1.1.5
Proxlet For Mac
Tired of the noise on Twitter? Take control with Proxlet...
Date added:03 Dec 2010

Tags: users, control, Proxlet, Extension, Twitter, clients, Chrome, iPhone, NewTwitter, Desktop, stream, moreTake, Twidroyd, comingSupported, Tweetdeck, hashtags,

Certificate Patrol For Mac 1.8.3
Certificate Patrol For Mac
Firefox trusts many certification authorities and sub-authorities quietly, every time you enter an HTTPS website.
Date added:25 May 2011

Tags: add on, certificates, Patrol, adopted, monitor, allows, browser, extension, encrypted, works, Windows, Linux, cross platform, Certificate, https, websites,

JaQue For Mac 1.5
JaQue For Mac
JaQue provides an infrastructure for Microsoft LINQ like capabilities on Java platform.
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: JaQue, language, technology, application, writing, developers, logic, focus, regardless, under, development, supported, currently, Objects, underlying, specific,

All Mangas Reader For Mac 1.0
All Mangas Reader For Mac
When you read a manga on a manga site supported by AMR, this manga will be automatically added to the AMR reading list.
Date added:13 Aug 2010

Tags: chapter, reading, published, latest, automatically, list In, supported, Mangas, order, alphabetical, updates, sorted, existing, sites, icon Mangas, lists,

Tab Edit For Mac 1.1
Tab Edit For Mac
Allows you to quickly and easily edit the icon that...
Date added:03 Dec 2010

Tags: favicons, simply, available, specifying, image, scaled, properly, custom, easily, quickly, displays, Google, textYou, Chrome, Allows,

After the Deadline for Chrome For Mac 1.2
After the Deadline for Chrome For Mac
After the Deadline is a language checker for the web with
Date added:13 Aug 2010

Tags: Deadline, After, checker, available, extension, style, grammar, Checking, OpenOfficeorg, plugin, check, spelling, comments, their, jQuery, source,

NTLM For Mac 2.0.1
NTLM For Mac
NTLM is an authentication protocol used by Microsoft Internet Informations Server(tm) and Microsoft Internet Explorer(tm).
Date added:15 Jun 2011

Tags: through, server, passed, users, credentials, feature, widely, products, these, based, intranets, logon, workstation, Informations, Servertm, Internet,

Securich For Mac 0.3.0
Securich For Mac
Securich is an incredibly handy and versatile tool for managing user privileges on MySQL through the use of roles.
Date added:23 Aug 2010

Tags: MySQL, roles, password, through, basically, database, group, stored, handling, tables, procedures, bunch, named, package, Despite, consists,

CloudApp For Mac 1.5.1 screenshot
CloudApp For Mac
CloudApp allows you to share images, links, music, videos and files. Here is how it works
Date added:28 May 2011

Tags: Integrated, Accessible, Reliable, Extendible, files, upload, share, CloudApp, multiple, functionality, applications, Raindrops, iTunes, images, allows, facilities,

Tasks and Mails For Mac 0.32
Tasks and Mails For Mac
Tasks management in a thunderbird extension where tasks are linked to emails.
Date added:13 Aug 2010

Tags: emails, tasks, linked, synchronize, manager, where, management, extension, Tasks,

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