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HDR Visual Difference Predictor 2.1.1
HDR Visual Difference Predictor
HDR-VDP is a visual metric that compares a pair of images
Date added:01 Sep 2011

Tags: display, certain, model, proposed, takes, assuming, values, ordinary, dynamic, 8bitspercolor, converted, actual, account, aspects, nonlinear, photoreceptor,

NetAna 0.1.4
NetAna is a program used to analyse DC and AC electronic networks.
Date added:08 Sep 2011

Tags: matrix, solve, determining, network, response, equations, values, analyse, program, electronic, networks, componet, NetAna,

moneyGuru For Mac 2.3.11 screenshot
moneyGuru For Mac
moneyGuru is a personal finance management application.
Date added:15 Sep 2011

Tags: shortcuts, neatly, Keyboard, modify, transactions, designed, Values, special, sense, makes,

Integral 0.0.7
The Integral applicaton was developed to simplify the quickly growing number of ways people can share content across the ever increasing social...
Date added:19 Sep 2011

Tags: content, contents, server, address2, Extract, Instructions1, accessed, universal, formatInstallation, Setup, database, values, applicationconfigdefaultsini, reflect, Modify, writable4,

asciitable 0.7.1
Asciitable can read and write a wide range of.....
Date added:21 Sep 2011

Tags: DAOphot, package, Memory, already, Daophot, character, names, given, begins, comment, memory, lists, values, extra, after, definition,

ProcDump 4.01
ProcDump is a command-line utility whose primary purpose is monitoring an application for CPU spikes and generating crash dumps during a spike that...
Date added:21 Sep 2011

Tags: exception, generate, based, unhandled, Manager, using, definition, Windows, values, system, embed, other, scripts, process, general, performance,

Random Score Creator 1.1
Random Score Creator
With Random Score Creator you can create quick and easy Music Scores with random notes for quick basic musical notation training!
Date added:22 Sep 2011

Tags: number, measures, values, select, spaces, lines, essentially, holes, halfs, MuseScore,

elwira 0.3
Elwira is a free ELF debugger for GNOME environment exploiting kernel's ptrace API.
Date added:24 Sep 2011

Tags: values, general, registers, during, modify, users, presented, syntax, enables, debugging,

RO 2.9.3
RO is a package of python utilities with an emphasis on cross-platform support (MacOS X, Windows and unix), Astronomy, Tkinter GUI extensions and...
Date added:26 Sep 2011

Tags: widgets, including, files, support, function, values, strings, using, class, conversion, display, severity, Tkinter, input, applications, utilities,

ProLisp 0.1.0
ProLisp is a little Lisp-interpreter, written in C++,...
Date added:28 Sep 2011

Tags: FUNARG, environment, ALIST, realized, implementation, lexically, scoped, which, permits, values,

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