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mysql-iptables 3.86
mysql-iptables collects an iptables chain list...
Date added:28 Jun 2011

Tags: eliminates, value, total, problem, reboot crash, originally, procnetdev, update, incremented, chain, iptables, collects, stores, MySQL, values, database,

AccounteX for Linux 1.0.0
AccounteX for Linux
AccounteX is an IP accounting system based on the IP Stat program.
Date added:30 Jun 2011

Tags: different, control, access, values, information, administration, statistics, service, traffic, customizable, based, system, accounting, program, exciting, fully,

PList Compiler For Mac 0.6
PList Compiler For Mac
PList Compiler is a property list compiler for Xcode, Apple's development environment.
Date added:04 Jul 2011

Tags: substituting, generated, introduced, right, values, instead, building, process, during, Code Warrior, language, compiling, preparing, having, manage, Unfortunately,

iConStruct for Mac 1.1.0
iConStruct for Mac
iConStruct is a handy application that offers an easy way to generate icons of multiple sizes from any picture
Date added:07 Jul 2011

Tags: masks, generated, images, brightness, corresponding, sizes, chosen, dithered, value, pixels, pixel, values, either, versions, fixed, icons,

Engineer.iX Encodiator 1.4
Engineer.iX Encodiator
This program originally was a quick and dirty hack that we made because we did not find an apropriate tool
Date added:01 Aug 2011

Tags: rebuild, email, encoding, decoding, copies, versions, original, simply, generate, printable, Base64, transformation, result, values, Signature, create,

StereophoMic For Mac 0.2
StereophoMic For Mac
StereophoMic is a professional 2- and 3-channel stereo microphone configuration visualization programm
Date added:02 Aug 2011

Tags: calculation, influences, includes, major, factors, between, channels, curve, becomes, important, values, calculated, analysis, qualitative, small,

OpenAL mixer 1.2.0
OpenAL mixer
OpenAL mixer aims to provide a multiplatform API built on top of OpenAL to get/set volume values
Date added:11 Aug 2011

Tags: devices, capture, support, select, input, lines, output, including, values, provide, mixer, multiplatform, built, volume,

JTOpen for Windows 7.5
JTOpen for Windows
The IBM Toolbox for Java is a library of Java classes supporting the client/server
Date added:29 Aug 2011

Tags: programs, Commands, queues, areas, service, Integrated, System, Program, calls, Print spool, Product, groups, spaces, values, status, Users,

MeltSim 1.0b2
An example of the graphical user interface of MELTSIM 1.0 for Windows.
Date added:30 Aug 2011

Tags: function, number, automatic, wildcard, using, printing, graphs, coordinates, curve, produced, output, sequentially, Multiple, gives, block, melting,

DomainObjects 2.1.0
DomainObjects enables you to easily transfer data between your middle-tier .NET objects
Date added:31 Aug 2011

Tags: optimal, DataReader, performance, DataTable, SqlParameter, pooling, Connection, values, loading, references, collections, Prefetching, graph, tests, integrated, buildDeveloper,

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