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Magic Launch 1.4
Magic Launch
Magic Launch is a preference pane that lets you customize the experience of opening files on your Mac.
Date added:26 Aug 2010

Tags: application, Magic, Launch, system, types, Launch039s, dispatcher, selected, changes, concentrate, agent, workMagic, default, closes, resource, while,

Decimal Plugin For Mac 2.1
Decimal Plugin For Mac
Decimal Plugin for REALbasic adds a new number type, Decimal, to REALbasic.
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: Decimal, numeric, types, represent, decimal, finite, mixed, exactly, memory, handle, number, Plugin, numbers, whose, available, limited,

A1 WMV to WMV Converter 1.0 screenshot
A1 WMV to WMV Converter
The A1 WMV To WMV is a program for windows computers that allows you to resample, change the size, the resolution and more and convert WMV video...
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: Video, Device, Audio, Converter, video, files, Media, converting, events, types, Source, audio, ability, Convert, Apple, program,

The Unarchiver For Mac 2.5
The Unarchiver For Mac
The Unarchiver is a much more capable replacement for ""
Date added:16 Aug 2010

Tags: Unarchiver, formats, handle, other, obscure, archive, usual, using, either, file types, prefer, simply, install, Applications, folder, where ever,

LeviTank2D for mac 0.9
LeviTank2D for mac
here it is then, a site for Levi Tank 2D. Levi Tank 2D was written by myself in collaboration with a friend.
Date added:04 Sep 2010

Tags: different, types, called, intelligence, three, country, collaboration, myself, friend, though, first, would, levels, thirteen, eight, mediocre,

Fly Fishing 3D for Iphone 1.02
Fly Fishing 3D for Iphone
Among sport fishing enthusiasts, "Fly Fishing" holds unmatched popularity, and we now introduce a full 3D game!
Date added:14 Sep 2010

Tags: challenge, fishing, mountain, types, enjoy, tilted, realistic, iPhone, added, their, Fishingquot, levels, flies, special, streams, middle,

The wheel show lite for Iphone 4.0
The wheel show lite for Iphone
The wheel show is television game show. The user compete against each other to solve a word puzzle for cash and prizes.
Date added:14 Sep 2010

Tags: special, which, Wheel, spaces, contains, vowel, value, letter, affect, least, course, PanelReverse, PanelExpress, PanelFinal, Panel, panelsNormal,

GDocsOpen 2.4
Edit DOC, XLS, PPT, ODT and all Office document types using Google Docs
Date added:14 Sep 2010

Tags: Office, Google, document, local, GDocs Open, using, account, other, files, Anyone, types, Docsâ„¢, their, online, directly, documents,

Clocks for Motorola Droid  for Android 3.0
Clocks for Motorola Droid for Android
Analog clocks, digital clocks, wall clocks, printed clocks...
Date added:23 Sep 2010

Tags: clocks, Clocks, Analog, Clock, Types, Different, While, Looking, Timeless, World, Elegance, Carriage, Dreams8, Classics, Printed, Assistant,

CD Assistant 4.2.4153
CD Assistant
CD Assistant is the FREE way to track your CD collection.
Date added:01 Oct 2010

Tags: Musi Find, Assistant, wizards, Compatible, functions, Add Change Copy Delete, alternative, collections, share, information, customers, friends, along, database, Standard, types,

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