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SpiderTrap For Mac 1.2
SpiderTrap For Mac
My first game with Slick, a nice OpenGL 2D game engine in Java!
Date added:23 Aug 2010

Tags: spiders, computers, minutes, shields, computer, active, stunned, destroy, unshielded, unknown, obstacles, there, explode, after, beware, those,

picbulk 0.0.1 alpha
picbulk is a command-line tool designed to make easy a bulk upload of pics to picasaweb and alternatively send them by email.
Date added:23 Aug 2010

Tags: known, decided, release, I039ve, added, errors, should, those, images, uploading, tedious, GNU Linux, users, exceptions, years, alternatively,

UISpec4J For Mac 2.3
UISpec4J For Mac
UISpec4J is an Open Source functional and/or unit testing library for Swing-based Java applications, built on top of JUnit and TestNG.
Date added:25 Aug 2010

Tags: Swing, UISpec4J, testing, possible, scripts, write, resulting, especially, complexity, tests, low level, event based, libraries, using, produced, designed,

Cooking Timer 1.0
Cooking Timer
An oven timer for those who tend to forget often, can have it tell you when to flip your food over
Date added:14 Sep 2010

Tags: Features, timer, Cooking, Planned, Dietary, Tracker, guide, cooking, recipes, Built, message, tells, often, forget, those, it039s,

DIY Icons: Snow Leopard for mac 1.0
DIY Icons: Snow Leopard for mac
This is a set of many of the standard Mac OSX Snow Leopard Icons, except restyled for those do it yourselfers out there. PNGs and .ICNS included
Date added:15 Sep 2010

Tags: yourselfers, there, included, those, restyled, Leopard, Icons, except, standard,

Bible Trivia Test for Iphone 1.1
Bible Trivia Test for Iphone
Prove to yourself (or anyone else) that you know as much about the Bible as you think you do!
Date added:15 Sep 2010

Tags: product, other, service, names, products, either, living, likeness, about, coincidental, purely, voices, persons, fictional, those, depicted,

Yahoo! News for BlackBerry 9000 Bold for Rim 1.0
Yahoo! News for BlackBerry 9000 Bold for Rim
Haven’t you heard? It’s more important than ever to know what’s going on.
Date added:21 Sep 2010

Tags: stories, phone, Yahoo, about, Choose, you With, glance, you’ll, leading, sources, Follow, everyone, talking, details, through, topics,

Readseq 2.1.30
Readseq was written originally around 1989 a component of a sequence analysis program, but when I added a small
Date added:28 Sep 2010

Tags: read seq jar, command line, program, command, application, includes, small, interface, computer, read seq, version, Graphic, Interface, without, those, Mac OS, 0.2.4-1
The goal of is to provide an easy to use software system for the administration of non-profit organisations.
Date added:29 Sep 2010

Tags: software, Petra, managing, extensive, OpenPetraorg, administration, payable, solution, bookkeeping, entry, accounts, do Petra, users, hundred, working, daily What,

AirDrop For Android
AirDrop For Android
Ever felt the need to drag something over the air from your computer to your phone? AirDrop is the answer.
Date added:31 May 2011

Tags: Ever felt, need, drag, air, your computer, your phone, Air Drop, answer, those, designed, needs, allows, addresses, paste, phone Well, pictures,

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