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NetLogo for mac 4.1.1
NetLogo for mac
NetLogo is a programmable modeling environment for simulating natural and social phenomena.
Date added:17 Sep 2010

Tags: Net Logo, model, simulations, agents, Hub Net, allows, language, modeling, students, their, social, Models, application, applets, behavior, source,

Blackbody Radiation Spectrum for mac 1.0
Blackbody Radiation Spectrum for mac
The Blackbody Radiation Spectrum model shows six fixed-temperature curves between Tmin and Tmax and a red variable-temperature curve that can be...
Date added:21 Sep 2010

Tags: measured, using, Black body, Spectrum, Radiation, modeling, distributed, created, displayed The, range, Simulations, compiled, program, installed, click, Double,

Slipping and Rolling Wheel Model For Mac 1.0 screenshot
Slipping and Rolling Wheel Model For Mac
The EJS Slipping and Rolling Wheel Model shows the motion of a wheel rolling on a floor subject to friction
Date added:29 Oct 2010

Tags: wheel, rolling, installed, Slipping, simulation, Rolling, Wheel, Model, compiled, archive, Double, ready to run, modeling, using, Simulations, clicking,

Interactive Web Physics For Linux 4.0.4
Interactive Web Physics For Linux
Interactive Web Physics is a Java, Web-based animation and problem designer tool
Date added:14 Jun 2011

Tags: Unlike, browser, simulations, animations, other, solutions, required, programming, knowledge, physics, mathematics, animation, Web based, Physics, problem, designer,

Viewmol For Mac 2.4.1
Viewmol For Mac
Viewmol is an open source graphical front end for computational chemistry programs.
Date added:21 Jun 2011

Tags: quality, Commercial, software, based, Processes, Materials, Award, Software, outstanding, named, product, German Austrian, Academic, Simulations, platform, example,

PyCX 0.1
The PyCX project is designed in order to develop an online repository of simple and easy-to-understand Python sample codes.
Date added:22 Jun 2011

Tags: iterative, simulations, systems, complex, cellular, automata, models, agentbased, networks, dynamical, dynamic, codes, online, develop, order, designed,

Agentbeats For Mac 0.1
Agentbeats For Mac
AGENTBEATS is a java application used to generate progressive evolving beats or melodic sequences using interactively guided evolution of genetics...
Date added:22 Jun 2011

Tags: engaged, agents, based, genetics, artificial, simulations, BEAT AGENTS, beat pieces, representing, evolution, guided, evolving, progressive, generate, application, beats,

Railroad Lines
Railroad Lines
Railroad Lines is a game for anyone who loves trains or modeling simulations!
Date added:27 Jun 2011

Tags: unique, environments, plenty, giving, modern, times, highspeed, older, around, world, missions, different, carriages, massive, place, takes,

I.S.A.A.C.S For Mac 2.3 screenshot
I.S.A.A.C.S For Mac
I.S.A.A.C.S. Interactive Structure Analysis of Amorphous and Crystalline Systems is a cross-platform software developed
Date added:16 Jul 2011

Tags: characteristics, structural, analyze, models, simulations, computer, built, developed, software, Analysis, Structure, Interactive, Amorphous, Crystalline, Systems,

EcoloSim For Mac 0.2
EcoloSim For Mac
EcoloSim is a Simulation Framework for simple spatial models in biology and ecology
Date added:17 Aug 2011

Tags: retrieving, saving, binding, standard, source, generation, input, basic, factorizing, ingredients, simulation, program, chart, tools, simulations, computations,

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