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XTandem Parser For Mac 1.2.4
XTandem Parser For Mac
X! Tandem open source is software that can match tandem mass spectra with peptide sequences
Date added:25 Aug 2010

Tags: engines, search, software, statistical, which, confidence, assembly, assignments, protein, format, sequences, known, peptide, individual, match, values,

PoSSuMsearch For Mac 2.0
PoSSuMsearch For Mac
Significant speedup of database searches with HMMs by search space reduction with PSSM family models
Date added:09 Sep 2010

Tags: database, family, searches, speedup, models, method, protein, sequences, search, sequence, results, searching, subsequent, factor, efficient, classification,

DNADynamo for mac 072009
DNADynamo for mac
DNADynamo sequence analysis software is easy to use. It's user interface is focused on your DNA sequences
Date added:17 Sep 2010

Tags: sequence, software, DNADynamo, notes, files, sequencing, annotations, including, sequences, manual, complicated, questions, happy, about, assemble, Linux,

DNA-Crypt for mac 2.0
DNA-Crypt for mac
Information is the most wanted trade good of our time.
Date added:17 Sep 2010

Tags: sequences, without, influencing, organisms, other, transfer, cryptographic, keys like, with DNA, Crypt, security, maximum, These, Information, this information, encrypt,

PAT for mac 0.9
PAT for mac
PAT is a Java-application for constructing multiple protein sequence alignments from regions of high similarity.
Date added:06 Oct 2010

Tags: sequences, program, Huson, Daniel, regions, which, algorithms, alignment, protein, share, domains, would, Global, compared, constructed, similarities,

McRate 1.0
McRate is a program for detecting conserved amino-acid sites by computing the relative evolutionary rate for each site in the multiple sequence...
Date added:03 Dec 2010

Tags: McRate, phylogenetic, scenarios, possible, considers, programs, among, sequences, relying, single, rather, study, under, existing, other, aminoacid,

Bowtie for Linux 0.12.7
Bowtie for Linux
Bowtie is an ultrafast, memory-efficient short read aligner.
Date added:18 Jun 2011

Tags: memory, index, BurrowsWheeler, indexes, footprint, small, pairedend, about, typically, million, genome, short, memoryefficient, ultrafast, aligner, aligns,

MRmap 1.2
A flexible tool for medical research in magnetic resonance imaging
Date added:20 Jun 2011

Tags: IRprepared, sequences, pulse, LookLocker, MOLLI, multiecho, single, mapping, types, multiple, magnetic, research, medical, resonance, imaging, images,

ALCHEMIST For Mac 0.5.1
Alchemist is a software for Korg Triton synthetizers (Classic, Le, Rack and Studio) that runs on Windows, MacOS (Classic and X) and on Linux.
Date added:22 Jun 2011

Tags: Tritons, including, readable, format, Classicquot, useful, models, Standard, Files, triton, support, don039t, sequences, Classic, Studio, Triton,

Agentbeats For Mac 0.1
Agentbeats For Mac
AGENTBEATS is a java application used to generate progressive evolving beats or melodic sequences using interactively guided evolution of genetics...
Date added:22 Jun 2011

Tags: engaged, agents, based, genetics, artificial, simulations, BEAT AGENTS, beat pieces, representing, evolution, guided, evolving, progressive, generate, application, beats,

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