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XTandem Parser For Mac 1.2.4
XTandem Parser For Mac
X! Tandem open source is software that can match tandem mass spectra with peptide sequences
Date added:25 Aug 2010

Tags: engines, search, software, statistical, which, confidence, assembly, assignments, protein, format, sequences, known, peptide, individual, match, values,

Plasmid Entry Form 0.4
Plasmid Entry Form
A GUI program to create the plasmid database forms for BGME lab.
Date added:09 Sep 2010

Tags: protein, plasmid, sequence, Automatically, program, output, Features, convert, align, Generate, reference, variant, creates, create, entry, presents,

PoSSuMsearch For Mac 2.0
PoSSuMsearch For Mac
Significant speedup of database searches with HMMs by search space reduction with PSSM family models
Date added:09 Sep 2010

Tags: database, family, searches, speedup, models, method, protein, sequences, search, sequence, results, searching, subsequent, factor, efficient, classification,

Champs for mac 1.0
Champs for mac
Champs is a tool for automatic protein sequence assembly. To run Champs
Date added:17 Sep 2010

Tags: Champs, Running, Environment, required, Sun039s, assembly, automatic, protein, sequence,

Swiss-PdbViewer 4.0.1
Swiss-PdbViewer (aka DeepView) is an application that provides a user friendly interface allowing to analyze several proteins at the same time
Date added:20 Sep 2010

Tags: order, various, Bioin for matics, protein, modeling, tools, density, proteins, Deep View, build, provides, Swiss Pdb Viewer, accepted, threaded, reference, structure,

PAT for mac 0.9
PAT for mac
PAT is a Java-application for constructing multiple protein sequence alignments from regions of high similarity.
Date added:06 Oct 2010

Tags: sequences, program, Huson, Daniel, regions, which, algorithms, alignment, protein, share, domains, would, Global, compared, constructed, similarities,

DAS Calculator for Iphone 1.1
DAS Calculator for Iphone
DAS, or "Disease Activity Score" is a measure of the activity of rheumatoid arthritis.
Date added:27 Oct 2010

Tags: activity, disease, Health, General, gives, estimate, protein, respectively, joint, counts, while, creactive, available, Apple, mobile, device,

VisProt3DS 3.03
In the age of Molecular Biology you have a chance to analyze Proteins in 3D STEREO mode on your computer, which you have just now.
Date added:05 Jun 2011

Tags: protein visualization, protein visualizer, protein viewer, PDB visualization, PDB visualizer, PDB viewer, 3D protein visualization, 3D protein visualizer, 3D protein viewer, 3D PDB visualization, 3D PDB visualizer, 3D PDB viewer, protein, PDB, stereo, anaglyph,

Simplebean Health Guide 1.0
Simplebean Health Guide
Plan a healthy diet by quickly calculating your health statistics and targets
Date added:12 Jun 2011

Tags: Health, Diet, Weight Loss, Calculator, Calories, Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Age, Weight, Height,

fast5 for Windows 1.4 Beta
fast5 for Windows
Fast5 is a probabilistic ...
Date added:29 Jun 2011

Tags: protein, sequences, based, nucleotide, storage, probabilistic, format, Fast5,

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