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Decimal Plugin For Mac 2.1
Decimal Plugin For Mac
Decimal Plugin for REALbasic adds a new number type, Decimal, to REALbasic.
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: Decimal, numeric, types, represent, decimal, finite, mixed, exactly, memory, handle, number, Plugin, numbers, whose, available, limited,

Address Book Manipulator For Mac
Address Book Manipulator For Mac
This Apple plug-in provides a bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Apple's Address Book
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: FileMaker, Address, plugin, contacts, contact, Apple, labels, custom, groups, delete, exchange, retrieve, number, valued, values, fields,

After the Deadline for Chrome For Mac 1.2
After the Deadline for Chrome For Mac
After the Deadline is a language checker for the web with
Date added:13 Aug 2010

Tags: Deadline, After, checker, available, extension, style, grammar, Checking, OpenOfficeorg, plugin, check, spelling, comments, their, jQuery, source,

Edit AutoSmooth For Mac 2.1
Edit AutoSmooth For Mac
AutoSmooth is a very efficient one click color correction
Date added:20 Aug 2010

Tags: Auto Smooth, plugin, Photoshop, based, spots, airbrushing With, masking, available, affordable, click, hours, details, blemishes, teens, technique, preserve,

MMultiBandFreqShifter For Mac 1.0 screenshot
MMultiBandFreqShifter For Mac
MMultiBandFreqShifter is a revolutionary frequency shifting plugin which breaks down the harmonic content of the audio
Date added:04 Sep 2010

Tags: sound, oscillator, plugins, settings, plugin, other, using, audio, button, which, easily, fully, adjustable, modulator, features, advanced,

TangleSolve for mac 1.05
TangleSolve for mac
TangleSolve is a web-band Java applet that runs in every environment.
Date added:16 Sep 2010

Tags: Applet, Plugin, Version, Runtime, version, application, download, versions, applet, webband, every, environment, systems, TangleSolve,

FastFileDB 1.2
FastFileDB (FFDB) is a light-weight file database. It saves records on file basis. Besides pure text database
Date added:29 Sep 2010

Tags: memory, features, format, primary, database, loading, unique, field, 100mb, minutes, file Features, which, means, degrade, consume, turned,

Plugin Customs For Mac 1.3.2
Plugin Customs For Mac
Blocks plugins such as Flash, Silverlight and Java from loading components onto pages automatically.
Date added:22 Oct 2010

Tags: toolbar, Plugin, Safari, Customs, Settings, these, change, which, window, don039t, settings, often, following, steps, Flash, frankly,

jInfer For Mac 1.30.3 Alpha
jInfer For Mac
Java framework for XML schema inference. Features: * based on NetBeans Platform * available as NB plugin
Date added:27 Oct 2010

Tags: Platform, available, plugin, NetBeans, based, schema, inference, Features, framework,

Organux VSTi 1.1 screenshot
Organux VSTi
Organux is a virtual organ VST plug-in designed for creating a wide range of classic and modern organ sounds.
Date added:02 Jul 2011

Tags: organ, VST, VSTi, virtual, instrument, pipe, baroque, gothic, cathedral, farfisa, church, hammond, chorus, Oberheim, OB3,

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