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Epiphany for mac 1.0
Epiphany for mac
This is Epiphany, a soft-styled menubar for Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
Date added:06 Sep 2010

Tags: Epiphany, theme, click, Leopard, Theme Park, menu bar, package, download, contents Open, File, keeping, should, created, apple, then Save, apply Log out,

FxCore_Scalper 2011 screenshot
This revolutionary robot trades major pairs using an advanced wave form and cross correlation strategy developed by us.
Date added:01 Apr 2011

Tags: forex, currency trading, forex trading, 4x trading, trading, forex broker, best, easy, good, online, forex, beginner, advanced, trader, currency,

TextPipe Lite 9.2 screenshot
TextPipe Lite
TextPipe is the ultimate Webmaster tool for updating text.
Date added:12 Aug 2012

Tags: search, replace, search and replace, find and replace, text, convert, unix, end of line conversion, conversion,

Instant Buy Sell Signal 2011
Instant Buy Sell Signal
Instant Buy Sell Signal - What if you were able to predict the market and know exactly what was going to happen with future prices?
Date added:07 Jun 2011

Tags: instant, buy, sell, signal, instant buy sell signal, buy signal, sell signal, instant buy signal, instant sell signal, pip, pips, forex, chart, software, invest, investing,

OraPiper 1.00
OraPiper is a useful tool for Oracle pipes working.
Date added:12 Jun 2011

Tags: Oracle, pipes, pipe monitoring, pipe sending, development tool, debugging,

PIPL 2.50 D screenshot
Lean & quick MP3 player & playlist editor with built in peer-to-peer networking
Date added:16 Jun 2011

Tags: mp3, playlist, music, jukebox, player, multimedia, peer-to-peer, internet, print,

Pipmak For Mac 0.2.7 screenshot
Pipmak For Mac
An open-source cross-platform game engine and authoring environment, the Pipmak Game Engine enables you to create point-and-click adventure games in...
Date added:20 Jun 2011

Tags: still, progress, lists news groups, mailing, community, support, biggest, currently, Video, limited, future, planned, missing, Friendly, action, licence,

skyPipes Advanced Router 20051111
skyPipes Advanced Router
skyPipes Advanced Router is a GNU/Linux/Apache/SSL/PHP/PostgreSQL
Date added:29 Jun 2011

Tags: traffic, LANDMZ, balance, rules, across, multiple, failover, redundant, connections, Detection, Gateway, G Router, Advanced, manages, ination, Routes,

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