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Prime Number Spiral 8.59 screenshot
Prime Number Spiral
Software for exploring the Prime Number Spiral (a.k.a. the Ulam Spiral)
Date added:03 Nov 2009

Tags: prime number spiral, prime numbers, primes, Ulam spiral, mathematical software,

BootStatus 1.0.3
This tool keeps track on how many times your PC boots a day.
Date added:02 Aug 2010

Tags: boot, bootup, reboot, startup, keep track, log, number of startups,

Exportizer 4.51
Exportizer is a database export tool. Allows viewing, editing database data with ability to copy open table to clipboard or export it to file.
Date added:03 Aug 2010

Tags: Exportizer, database, command, ability, export, Export, separated, specify, records, values, Excel, number, copied, function, Value, Field,

Database Tour
Database Tour
Database Tour is a cross-database tool, which includes different db utilities and tools like SQL tool, reporting tool, data converting, exporting,...
Date added:03 Aug 2010

Tags: different, query, exporting, large, database, number, formats, Microsoft, support, utilities, editing, using, scripts, table, automation, command,

Exportizer Pro 4.51
Exportizer Pro
Exportizer Pro is a database export tool.
Date added:03 Aug 2010

Tags: Exportizer, database, ability, Excel, command, Export, export, specify, records, multitable, copied, number, separated, values, addition, ProIn,

Decimal Plugin For Mac 2.1
Decimal Plugin For Mac
Decimal Plugin for REALbasic adds a new number type, Decimal, to REALbasic.
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: Decimal, numeric, types, represent, decimal, finite, mixed, exactly, memory, handle, number, Plugin, numbers, whose, available, limited,

Address Book Manipulator For Mac
Address Book Manipulator For Mac
This Apple plug-in provides a bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Apple's Address Book
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: FileMaker, Address, plugin, contacts, contact, Apple, labels, custom, groups, delete, exchange, retrieve, number, valued, values, fields,

GNU Zile For Mac 2.3.19
GNU Zile For Mac
GNU Zile is a lightweight Emacs clone. Zile is short for Zile Is Lossy Emacs. Zile has been written to be as similar as possible to Emacs
Date added:19 Aug 2010

Tags: Emacs, Emacs039s, editing, available, memory, screen, windows, number, buffers, limited, respectively, variable, names, identical, Function, completion,

Love Number 1.0 screenshot
Love Number
A simple application for couples - it finds each partner's love number based on their names and gives explanation for each combination of...
Date added:20 Aug 2010

Tags: gives, names, explanation, combination, numbers, their, based, couples, application, finds, partners, number, simple,

EcoTRADE for mac 1.1
EcoTRADE for mac
The Game is a multiplayer online game of a tradable permit market written in java.
Date added:29 Aug 2010

Tags: number, decide, players, friends, internet, colleagues, games, Create, tradable, online, permit, market, written, multiplayer,

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