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Jericho HTML Parser for Windows 3.2
Jericho HTML Parser for Windows
Jericho HTML Parser is a java library allowing analysis and manipulation of parts of an HTML document
Date added:21 Mar 2011

Tags: identify, unlike, every, bottom, interface, ignored, easily, small, sections, modified, Incorrect, higher, level, positions, accessible, modification,

DirDate 5.5 screenshot
Modify file or folder create/modify/access dates from the command line.
Date added:16 Jan 2012

Tags: change file date, SetFileDate, file, date, time, stamp, touch, timestamp, change, create, created, creation, modify, modified, modification, access,

SuperHud Editor For Linux 0.3.0
SuperHud Editor For Linux
SuperHud Editor is a rewritten q3cpma hud editor.
Date added:09 Jun 2011

Tags: possibly, modification, Quake, other, First person, future, games, shooter, display, Head up, rewritten, Editor, editor Super Hud, gives, interface, graphical,

Grub Conf 0.5.1
Grub Conf
Grub Conf is a Gnome2 based GRUB configuration editor.
Date added:18 Jun 2011

Tags: require, Designed, options, obscure, minimal, interaction, adventurous, tools, providing, while, configure, flexibility, provides, editor, configuration, based,

install-log 1.9
Install-log is a simple utility to help you keep track of what files are installed by your source and binary packages.
Date added:21 Jun 2011

Tags: every, it039ll, something, installing, added, updated, varinstalllogstimestamp, modification, since, after, ltpackagegt, track, utility, simple, files, installed,

EuroMath2 For Mac 1.4.0
EuroMath2 For Mac
EuroMath2 WYSIWYG XML Editor Platform serves as a platform for editors editing various XML files.
Date added:29 Jun 2011

Tags: information, plugin, Eclipse, application, download, please, Open source, features, section, standalone, complex, wizards, Custom, document, modification, comes,

c2ctl 090709
c2ctl is an Intel Core and Core 2 frequency and voltage modification utility.
Date added:09 Jul 2011

Tags: overclocking, enable, SpeedStep, purpose, utility, Intel, frequency, voltage, modification, c2ctl,

PasswdSecure For Linux 0.9
PasswdSecure For Linux
passwdsecure is a tool that removes the need to hardcode passwords.
Date added:13 Jul 2011

Tags: databases, remote, resources, mechanism, allowed, Using, Solaris, Linux, systems, little, modification, operating, other, system, required, processes,

TrollBot IRC 1.0.0
TrollBot IRC
This is a modification of the Markovsky IRC Bot.
Date added:03 Aug 2011

Tags: Trolls, switch, runtime, between, Andrew, dialects, Extra, added, capability, distinctive, speak, modification,

UpdateDates 1.1
Update file modification dates by days, hours, minutes, or seconds. Free.
Date added:18 Aug 2011

Tags: updatedates, modification date, update modification dates, change, update timestamp, change dates, time, free, date, dates, timestamp, time stamp, offset, synchronize dates, bulk, days,

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