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iTunes Alarm For Mac 2.1.4
iTunes Alarm For Mac
This iTunes utility turns your Mac into the most fully featured alarm clock you've ever owned.
Date added:16 Aug 2010

Tags: computer, alarm, choose, radio, sleep, music, stations, random, contain, including, Wakes, alarms, automatically, Configurable, button, snooze,

Cocotron Developer Tools For Mac 20010-02-24
Cocotron Developer Tools For Mac
The Cocotron Developer Tools are a collection of well known open source projects working together as a cross-compilation system for Xcode.
Date added:20 Aug 2010

Tags: Objective C, frameworks, support, modified, compiler, options GNU, framework, run time, Platform, headers, program, initialization, libraries, consists, interface, Windows,

UISpec4J For Mac 2.3
UISpec4J For Mac
UISpec4J is an Open Source functional and/or unit testing library for Swing-based Java applications, built on top of JUnit and TestNG.
Date added:25 Aug 2010

Tags: Swing, UISpec4J, testing, possible, scripts, write, resulting, especially, complexity, tests, low level, event based, libraries, using, produced, designed,

epesi BIM For Mac 1.1.3 Rev 7318
epesi BIM For Mac
epesi BIM is free and 100% open source web application to store, organize, link and share information between people within a single business or...
Date added:28 Oct 2010

Tags: epesi, modules, workflow, created, processes, match, modified, using, framework, rapid, development, allow, libraries, collection, customized, design,

G# geometry libraries for .NET 2.0.0 screenshot
G# geometry libraries for .NET
ceometric provides efficient math libraries for object-oriented spatial geometry programming in a .NET language.
Date added:10 May 2011

Tags: c# linear algebra, C# math, C# convex hulls, C# geometry, C# triangulation,

Loris For Linux 1.8
Loris For Linux
Loris is an Open Source sound modeling and processing software package based on the Reassigned Bandwidth-Enhanced Additive Sound Model.
Date added:28 May 2011

Tags: supports modified, model data, programmers, interface supports the C, C++, Python programming languages, SWIG interface, API, libraries, headers, utilties,

Uzoo For Linux 0.60
Uzoo For Linux
Uzoo is a platform/UI independent clone for SoriBada which is the overwhelming killer-app for sharing mp3 files in Korea.
Date added:30 May 2011

Tags: libraries, protocol, open source, implement, applications, platforms, Curses, Cocoa Aqua, including, project, Korea, clone, independent, which, overwhelming, files,

Floyd For Linux 20110402
Floyd For Linux
Floyd is a collection of 3D libraries, mathematics and scene libraries and utilities, the most visible of these a scene builder and character poser...
Date added:31 May 2011

Tags: Floyd, collection, 3D libraries, mathematics, scene libraries, utilities, Khayyam, poser, character, uptodate, information, development, found, builder, these, libraries,

Hamlib For Mac
Hamlib For Mac
The Hamlib project's purpose is to develop flexible and portable shared libraries that offer a standardized API to control any radio oriented...
Date added:01 Jun 2011

Tags: oriented, radio, control, equipment, through, interface, computer, standardized, offer, develop, purpose, project, flexible, portable, libraries, shared,

StockChartX 5.8 screenshot
Stock Chart Component with .NET, VB, VC++ example projects
Date added:06 Jun 2011

Tags: finace, chart, financial chart, stock chart, technical analysis, investing, stocks, commodities, trading, workbooks, excel, c++, visual basic, libraries, components,

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