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HS MSG C/C++ Messaging Library 1.0.1 screenshot
HS MSG C/C++ Messaging Library
HS MSG C/C++ Messaging Library, Message Oriented Middleware in C/C++ for Windows, Linux, MAC OSX, iOS
Date added:16 Feb 2012

Tags: c/c++ messaging, messaging library c++, message oriented middleware, c library for messaging, c++ messaging library, mom c++, c++ mom, mom library, mom ansi c, ansi c mom, message oriented middleware c++,

Instant Business Network 4.5.24 screenshot
Instant Business Network
Integrated PM, Collaboration and Help Desk Software to help your company grow
Date added:25 May 2011

Tags: Project management, collaboration, instant messaging, help desk,

Instant Buy Sell Signal 2011
Instant Buy Sell Signal
Instant Buy Sell Signal - What if you were able to predict the market and know exactly what was going to happen with future prices?
Date added:07 Jun 2011

Tags: instant, buy, sell, signal, instant buy sell signal, buy signal, sell signal, instant buy signal, instant sell signal, pip, pips, forex, chart, software, invest, investing,

NetChat 2.6 screenshot
NetChat is a local network messaging and communications system for Windows.
Date added:10 Jun 2011

Tags: chat, local network, instant messaging, communications, utility, tool, collaboration, chat communication,

Palringo Instant Messenger For Blackberry 1.0
Palringo Instant Messenger For Blackberry
Palringo is a rich messaging service for mobile phones, PCs, and Macs.
Date added:22 Jun 2011

Tags: Palringo, messaging, contacts, their, mobile, course, shows, single, whether, iChat, others, they039re, friends, contact, Yahoo, online,

Cell Messaging Layer For Linux 2.6
Cell Messaging Layer For Linux
The Cell Messaging Layer is an extremely fast, MPI-like communication library for clusters of Cell Broadband Engine processors.
Date added:27 Jun 2011

Tags: element, processing, synergistic, communicate, directly, network, across, other, processors, Engine, MPI like, extremely, Layer, communication, library, Broadband,

Simple Messaging Framework For Linux 1.0
Simple Messaging Framework For Linux
The Simple Messaging Framework provides an elegant way to create robust and flexible Web services.
Date added:27 Jun 2011

Tags: enables, paradigm, document style, expose, arbitrarily, objects, business, complex, based, services, provides, Framework, Messaging, elegant, create, flexible,

PICI Network Messaging System 0.6
PICI Network Messaging System
The PICI Network Messaging System is a message oriented middleware
Date added:30 Jun 2011

Tags: different, between, messages, receiving, mechanism, WinLinux, runtime, sending, allows, oriented, message, System, Messaging, middleware, provide, which,

Esposito Instant Mailer 1.0
Esposito Instant Mailer
No longer you need to log in to gmail for sending and receiving E mails .
Date added:02 Jul 2011

Tags: using, Esposito, Instant, desktop, mails, gmail, sending, receiving, longer,

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