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TabSense For Mac 1.5.2
TabSense For Mac
Lost in million tabs? Use TabSense.
Date added:13 Aug 2010

Tags: press, pages, browser, installed, restart, Refresh, doesn039t, Chrome, security, reasons, probably, reason, extension, before, already, windows,

360Amigo System Speedup Free
360Amigo System Speedup Free
360Amigo System Speedup is a new PC optimization and error repair utility that dramatically improves the performance of your PC.
Date added:16 Aug 2010

Tags: System, files, programs, computer, Speedup, Cleaner, common, start up, Provides, Clean, remove, unused, 360 Amigo, performance, installed, includes,

Tynsoe Services Manager For Mac 0.1
Tynsoe Services Manager For Mac
First of all, this is my first real application, in fact, this is an AppleScript Studio application, but that’s almost a "real application".
Date added:26 Aug 2010

Tags: daemons, Open LDAP, start, application, check, almost, exemple, MacOS, installed, noticed, start stop, running, handle, graphical, command, there,

DiceMonkey for mac 1.0
DiceMonkey for mac
You can download DiceMonkey and run it as a free standing application.
Date added:26 Aug 2010

Tags: installed, download, system, double click, program, start, computer, DiceMonkey, standing, application, Click, extract,

Camera Life For Mac 2.6.3 screenshot
Camera Life For Mac
Camera Life is a PHP powered photo organizer.
Date added:01 Sep 2010

Tags: photos, website, Camera, server, Automatic, based, Uploading, installed, photo, other, powered, remote, FTPHTTPSSH, Amazon, storing, local,

EntryDambo for mac 2.0.3 screenshot
EntryDambo for mac
EntryDambo is now a Java Webstart application.
Date added:01 Sep 2010

Tags: application, Before, wwwjavacom, start, downloaded, please, agreement, disclaimer, software, using, higher, version, recent, Webstart, runtime, environment,

Enum Programs screenshot
Enum Programs
I spent a long time getting this to work exactly the same as Add/Remove Programs
Date added:14 Sep 2010

Tags: installed, remote, updates, registry, application, spent, detection, computer, programs, Programs, software, Add Remove, exactly, would, Updates, interested,

Radioactive Decay Distribution Model for mac 1.0 screenshot
Radioactive Decay Distribution Model for mac
The EJS Radioactive Decay Distribution Model simulates the decay of a radioactive sample using discrete random events.
Date added:16 Sep 2010

Tags: distribution, number, models, event, constant, Radioactive, Source, Physics, events, interval, radioactive, Decay, decay, Distribution, using, ComPADRE,

Random Walk 2D for mac 1.0 screenshot
Random Walk 2D for mac
The RandomWalk2D program simulates a random walk in two dimensions.
Date added:16 Sep 2010

Tags: Physics, program, Statistical, Thermal, Source, programs, Double, clicking, archive, readytoruncompiled, distributed, RandomWalk2Djar, installed, searching, ComPADRE, found,

Tennis eBook for Symbian 1.0
Tennis eBook for Symbian
Download FREE Sports EBooks directly to your mobile phone. Read articles while you are offline.
Date added:16 Sep 2010

Tags: phone, already, installed, application, ebooks, install, offline, articles, EBooks, Sports, directly, mobile, Download, while,

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