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XTandem Parser For Mac 1.2.4
XTandem Parser For Mac
X! Tandem open source is software that can match tandem mass spectra with peptide sequences
Date added:25 Aug 2010

Tags: engines, search, software, statistical, which, confidence, assembly, assignments, protein, format, sequences, known, peptide, individual, match, values,

Socks for mac 1.3.7
Socks for mac
Socks is a utility for troubleshooting, maintaining, optimizing, and customizing Mac OS X. Socks allows you to
Date added:26 Oct 2010

Tags: configurations, Socks, allows, system, maintenance, routines, Configurations, Tasks, Individual, automate, tailor, elegantly, features, implemented, ability, fully,

DynaMed for Iphone 1.1.0
DynaMed for Iphone
DynaMed is a clinical reference database with more than 3,100 evidence-based clinical summaries updated daily and intended for use primarily at the...
Date added:28 Oct 2010

Tags: DynaMed, access, application, necessary, contact, download, clinical, duration, content, entered, institution’s, subscription, subscriber, individual, reference, administrator,

Kronolith H4 3.0.3
Kronolith H4
Kronolith is the Horde calendar application. It provides a stable and featureful individual calendar system for every Horde user
Date added:23 May 2011

Tags: extensive, makes, features, Framework, provide, applications, other, integration, integrated, every, application, calendar, Horde, provides, stable, system,

SecPass For Mac 1.1
SecPass For Mac
SecPass generates secure passwords for your applications and websites.
Date added:27 May 2011

Tags: fitting, automatically, specify The, website, browsing, remember, Chrome With, Safari, keyword, individual, passwords, secure, generates, applications, websites, generate,

RAMDisk For Mac 1.0.1
RAMDisk For Mac
A RAM disk has the advantage that reading and writing data are extremely fast
Date added:27 May 2011

Tags: RAM disk, extremely fast, management, comfortable, contents, serve, backup, general, offers, intervals RAM Disk, important, necessary, residing, backupped, short, software,

Property Binder For Mac 3.1
Property Binder For Mac
Property Binder is an open source Java library which will provide typed access to entries in properties files.
Date added:03 Jun 2011

Tags: properties, access, property, values, provide, methods, Binder, default, represents, method, source, should, assume, individual, multivalued, separates,

airLCD For Linux 0.2.1
airLCD For Linux
airLCD is a front end for Amarok
Date added:03 Jun 2011

Tags: tracks, current, multiple, individual, collection, playlist, select, music, center, digital, Shutdown, which, Browse, monitor, Control, remote,

ComVironment 0.4.0
ComVironment is an Open-Source platform to set up network-based learning environments,....
Date added:16 Jun 2011

Tags: possible, makes, create, individual, learningplatform, innovative, using, platform, OpenSource, networkbased, learning, environments, ComVironment,

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