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Portable Create Synchronicity 4.3
Portable Create Synchronicity
Create Synchronicity is a powerful and lightweight open source backup and synchronization program, available in many languages.
Date added:29 Sep 2010

Tags: support, synchronization, Synchronicity, backup, Create, incremental, paths, folders, hashing, synchronize, preview, settings, profiles, Fully, features,

Backup4all Professional 4.7.269
Backup4all Professional
Highly configurable backup program with intuitive interface. Performs full, incremental, differential & mirror backups.
Date added:26 Apr 2012

Tags: backup4all, backup, backup software, full backup, differential backup, incremental backup, mirror backup, FTP backup, USB backup, backup open files, backup to CD, backup to DVD, outlook express backup, data backup, zip encryption, zip 64,

JAST Another Scrum Tool Portable
JAST Another Scrum Tool Portable
Manage the product backlog in a Scrum team with the help of JAST Another Scrum Tool.
Date added:22 Jun 2011

Tags: often, management, project, agile, software, engineering, development, framework, incremental, backlog, product, Scrum, Another, iterative, ToolScrum, Manage,

MyMediaLite 1.03
MyMediaLite is a lightweight, multi-purpose library of recommender system algorithms.
Date added:24 Jun 2011

Tags: command, comes, tools, tasks, simple, includes, data·, evaluation, routines, measure, text based, input, Attribute based, updates, diversification, recommendation,

Linux-DAQ-PCI 0.1
The Linux-DAQ-PCI project develops and maintains ...
Date added:24 Jun 2011

Tags: naming, release, package, convention, followsR0x Alpha, R3x mature, R2x production, R1 xbeta, systems Incremental, acquisition, maintains, develops, project, family, ofLinux, based,

openSMILE 1.0.1
The openSMILE feature extration tool enables you to extract large audio feature spaces in realtime.
Date added:30 Jun 2011

Tags: processing, incremental, modularity, Feature, extractor, online, capability, commandline, executable, dynamic, library, components, freely, binary, plugin, interface,

iTmsBackup For Mac 8.3
iTmsBackup For Mac
iTmsBackup is a Mac OS X application that backs up audio files purchased from the iTunes Music Store.
Date added:04 Jul 2011

Tags: media, removable, other, drive, allowing, flexible, solution, backup, backups, incremental, files, audio, backs, application, purchased, iTunes,

SmartSync Pro 2.11 screenshot
SmartSync Pro
SmartSync Pro is a universal solution to back up and synchronize your data.
Date added:04 Jul 2011

Tags: copy, backup, sync, synchronize, synchronization, incremental, restore, mirror, file, replication, utility, recovery,

Thumbak 0.5
Thumbak automates backup for USB drives.
Date added:07 Jul 2011

Tags: backups, incremental, selected, disks, thumb, background, manages, automates, backup, drives, Gnome, Thumbak,

Linux-DAQ-USB 0.2
The Linux-DAQ-USB project develops and maintains a family of Linux device drivers for USB based data acquisition systems.
Date added:07 Jul 2011

Tags: convention, naming, release, package, follows, R0xAlpha, R3xmature, R2xproduction, R1xbeta, Incremental, systems, family, maintains, develops, project, Linux,

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