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All in One Web Searcher For Mac 1.0
All in One Web Searcher For Mac
Search Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter,custom search engines with ZERO click.Search Images, Videos, News etc of all search engines also
Date added:13 Aug 2010

Tags: engines, search, Images, Videos, click Search, Google, Search, Yahoo,

PrBoom+ For Mac
PrBoom+ For Mac
PrBoom+ is a Doom source port developed from the original PrBoom project by Andrey Budko (Андрей Будько).
Date added:23 Aug 2010

Tags: original, PrBoom, compatibility, project, DoomDoom2, engines, changes, PrBoom039s, possible, break, introduced, never, important, merit, since, future,

XTandem Parser For Mac 1.2.4
XTandem Parser For Mac
X! Tandem open source is software that can match tandem mass spectra with peptide sequences
Date added:25 Aug 2010

Tags: engines, search, software, statistical, which, confidence, assembly, assignments, protein, format, sequences, known, peptide, individual, match, values,

Personal Search Center 0.96.10
Personal Search Center
Begin your search with Personal Search Center.
Date added:24 May 2011

Tags: search engines, site, shop, google, altavista, one place, keywords,

Promoter 1.06
Search Engines Adder
Date added:08 Jun 2011

Tags: search, engines, adder, promotion, web, tools, internet,

PlayerPro For Mac 5.10
PlayerPro For Mac
PlayerPro is a music composer and sound editor ( SoundTracker ) for MOD S3M XM IT UMX . Uses XI, Quicktime or SoundFonts.
Date added:14 Jun 2011

Tags: available, engines, playback, Windows, Upcoming, Linux, support, version, Mac OS, Currently, sound, composer, music, editor, Sound Tracker, Sound Fonts,

Search Help 0.1
Search Help
Search Help is a very helpful and easy-to-use program.
Date added:24 Jun 2011

Tags: english, german, words, otherwise, wellknown, results, engines, translate, lyrics, easytouse, helpful, program, search, photos, pages, Search,

Smooth GTK1/GTK2 Theme Engine For Linux
Smooth GTK1/GTK2 Theme Engine For Linux
Smooth GTK1/GTK2 Theme Engine is a simple theme engine intended to be smooth
Date added:21 Jul 2011

Tags: degree, engines, major, mimic, while, footprint, small, retaining, still, eventually, could, simple, Engine, Theme, theme, engine,

BlackRay For Mac 0.10.0
BlackRay For Mac
BlackRay is an innovative, fully relational database system designed to offer performance features commonly associated with search engines.
Date added:22 Jul 2011

Tags: support, offers, engines, search, driver, options, management, operational, sophisticated, associated, commonly, database, relational, fully, innovative, system,

AlphaTcl For Linux 8.0.1
AlphaTcl For Linux
AlphaTcl is the open-source, extensible, platform independent script library
Date added:28 Jul 2011

Tags: editor, Alpha, engines, Windows, driving, library, extensible, platform, independent, script,

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