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NetStat Agent Portable 3.1.1
NetStat Agent Portable
NetStat Agent is a powerful and extremely useful network tool for monitoring and diagnosing.
Date added:01 Nov 2010

Tags: portable, netstat, ping, tracert, dns query, nslookup traceroute, whois, arp, ipconfig, route, network, http, monitoring, diagnosing, analyzing,

Capturix NETWorks 8.01.180 screenshot
Capturix NETWorks
Capturix NETWorks is a network utility software that ables you to test and diagnose all common problems from any network.
Date added:18 Apr 2011

Tags: network, tcp/ip, port, scanner, whois, server, http, terminal, networking, trace, router, route, config, dns, lookup,

Viscosity For Mac 1.3
Viscosity For Mac
Viscosity is a first class OpenVPN client that lets you secure your network with ease & style. For Mac & Windows.
Date added:28 May 2011

Tags: Cross-Platform, VPN For Everyone, Proven Technology, Traffic Statistics, DNS Done Right, Enterprise Support, System Protected, Script Everything, More Much More, settings, bundle, Support Easily, worry, Create, profilesSystem, deployable,

Interactive DNS Query 1.2 screenshot
Interactive DNS Query
Query DNS servers and report the DNS records stored on them
Date added:08 Jun 2011

Tags: dns, nslookup, dig, dns lookup, dns query,

LiteFTP 2.6
LiteFTP is a feature-packed FTP server with integrated DynDNS and No-IP clients.
Date added:08 Jun 2011

Tags: server, ftp, dns, log, daemon,

IP Country Lookup 1.0a
IP Country Lookup
Determine what country an IP address or hostname originates from.
Date added:09 Jun 2011

Tags: IP address, geolocation, country, network, lookup, hostname, dns, utility, tool, location,

LiteMail 2.6
LiteMail is an easy to use mail server with mail forwarding and a catch-all.
Date added:10 Jun 2011

Tags: server, email, smtp, pop3, pop, dns, daemon, dripmail, mail server, mail,

SkDNS ActiveX Control screenshot
SkDNS ActiveX Control
SkDNS ActiveX Control is lightweight and powerful DNS ActiveX control
Date added:19 Jun 2011

Tags: DNS activex, DNS control, DNS OCX, nslookup OCX, nslookup activex, RFC, 1034, 1035.AFXR, zone, transfer, CNAME, SOA,

Simple DNS Plus .NET API 1
Simple DNS Plus .NET API
API written in which allows for easy communication with Simple DNS Plus
Date added:19 Jun 2011

Tags: dns, nameserver, simple dns plus, API, programmers interface, .net,

MaraDNS For Mac 1.4.06
MaraDNS For Mac
MaraDNS is a package that implements the Domain Name Service (DNS), an essential internet service.
Date added:24 Jun 2011

Tags: fully, online, four line, authoritative, documented, easy to follow, up to date, complete, tutorials, three line, single, recursive, Deadwood, February, currently, stable,

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