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Address Book Manipulator For Mac
Address Book Manipulator For Mac
This Apple plug-in provides a bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Apple's Address Book
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: FileMaker, Address, plugin, contacts, contact, Apple, labels, custom, groups, delete, exchange, retrieve, number, valued, values, fields,

JProcedure For Mac 1.0.7
JProcedure For Mac
JProcedure is a generic engine written completely in Java (1.
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: stored, interceptors, written, procedure, custom, inject, allows, should, whether, results, cached, logic, performance, measuring, purposes, logging,

DbCon For Mac 5.0.2
DbCon For Mac
DbCon provides a simple interface to DBCP, offers distributed pooling configuration and provides a clean layer of separation between Java code and...
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: connection, pools, provides, available, storage, backed, Data Sources, custom, foibles, Corrects, format, pooling, configuration, distributed,

Reducer For Mac 1.0
Reducer For Mac
"Reducer" is a simple graphics utility that can be used to rescale, adjust, and decorate bitmapped images.
Date added:16 Aug 2010

Tags: custom, methods, capture, drawing, classes, NSView, available, hosting, Builder, palette, Interface, views, NSAnimation, Tiger, NSViewAnimation, adjust,

CulvertDB is a lightweight embedded object oriented database management system with concurrency control written in C#.
Date added:07 Sep 2010

Tags: database, software, serialization, external, Culvert DB, schemas, manage, Features, configure, custom, implement, Flexible, configuration, without, Minimal, Embedded,

MethMarker for mac 1.0.678
MethMarker for mac
MethMarker facilitates the design and optimization of gene-specific DNA methylation assays.
Date added:09 Sep 2010

Tags: Marker, fite, design, region, assays, bio marker, samples, between, interest, available, epi genetic, profiles, assay, classification, Mass ARRAY, robust,

Sokoban for mac 1.00
Sokoban for mac
A cute Sokoban clone with fancy graphics and sound. Features undo, high scores and custom level creation
Date added:23 Sep 2010

Tags: scores, custom, level, creation, Features, sound, clone, fancy, graphics, Sokoban,

LED Color Tester for Android 1.0
LED Color Tester for Android
Date added:01 Oct 2010

Tags: custom, colors Gives, color, code No, colors Allows, trackball, NEXUS, INSTALLED, DROID Test, WORKS,

Plugin Customs For Mac 1.3.2
Plugin Customs For Mac
Blocks plugins such as Flash, Silverlight and Java from loading components onto pages automatically.
Date added:22 Oct 2010

Tags: toolbar, Plugin, Safari, Customs, Settings, these, change, which, window, don039t, settings, often, following, steps, Flash, frankly,

Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey by Playrix 1.4 screenshot
Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey by Playrix
Help Jennifer, a young marine biologist, win the Best Aquarium Award.
Date added:29 Oct 2010

Tags: Fishdom 2, Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey, acrylic, aquarium, adventure, care, custom, decor, decorations, filter, fish, tank, for, gravel, hood, lighting,

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