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MP3 G Toolz
MP3 G Toolz
MP3+G Toolz is the definitive application for conversion of karaoke CD+G, Audio+G, Bin, or Zip files.
Date added:20 Aug 2010

Tags: Audio2BG, files, convert, CD2BG, BinYou, filenames, Converts, burning, conversion, karaoke, CDRWin, Creates, internet, Fixes, database, removal,

Children of Arisia 1.01
Children of Arisia
Boskone formed an alliance with the Overlords of Delgon, and through a hyper-spatial tube the combined forces again attacked humanity.
Date added:30 Aug 2010

Tags: economy, present, arisian, children, building, units, built, mobile, continuous, control, increase, throughput, potential, creates, parts, larger,

Adobe AIR Launchpad for mac 1.0.0 Beta
Adobe AIR Launchpad for mac
Adobe® AIR® Launchpad beta is a new desktop tool that helps Adobe Flex® developers get started building desktop applications deployed on Adobe...
Date added:30 Aug 2010

Tags: Adobe, Launchpad, selected, sub folder, project, implemented, create, install, folder, created, creates, features, desktop, Flash, badge, containing,

Plasmid Entry Form 0.4
Plasmid Entry Form
A GUI program to create the plasmid database forms for BGME lab.
Date added:09 Sep 2010

Tags: protein, plasmid, sequence, Automatically, program, output, Features, convert, align, Generate, reference, variant, creates, create, entry, presents,

Qamera for mac 1.502
Qamera for mac
Q@mera is a free instant camera that creates lossless PNG images with alpha channel transparency.
Date added:15 Sep 2010

Tags: Qmera, camera, video, effects, includes, pictures, retro, whizzy, emulation, vintage, including, graphic, still, preset, lossless, creates,

glBSP For Linux 224
glBSP For Linux
glBSP is a node builder specially designed for OpenGL ports of the DOOM game engine. It adheres to the "GL-Nodes Specification"
Date added:08 Jun 2011

Tags: creates, including, Doomsday, GL Nodes, understand, drawing, levels There, JDOOM, Pr Boom, links, below, ZDoom GL, Doom 3D, Legacy, Vavoom, needed,

allbib For Linux 0.4.3
allbib For Linux
allbib is a Perl script with Gtk bindings that I wrote in order to help me deal with bibliography formats that are not compliant with existing...
Date added:14 Jun 2011

Tags: understood, provides, hands, files, checks, creates, modifies, searches, keyboard, graphical, something, rather, different, inspired, interface, these,

SipnLab 1.0 Build 11032
SipnLab (Signal Interpreted Petri Net Laboratory) creates SIPN and generate AWL-Code for SPS.
Date added:23 Jun 2011

Tags: source, based, Project, quotPipe, 25quot, AWLCode, generate, Interpreted, Signal, Petri, Laboratory, creates, SipnLab,

Opus+ 1.0
Opus+ is free music software ...
Date added:29 Jun 2011

Tags: Generation039, Random, Constrained, Outputs, LilyPond, performance, audio, score, called, algorithm, creates, software, music, novel, musical, using,

Portable FontViewOK 2.15
Portable FontViewOK
The problem is well known...
Date added:29 Jun 2011

Tags: simple, deployment, print, preview, color, style, installed, remembered, written, known, creates, overview, visual, quick,

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