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FileFiller 1.0
FileFiller is an application which lets you create dummy files at (almost) any size.
Date added:16 Aug 2010

Tags: files, create, FAT formatted, volume, speed, created, FAT121632, file systems, process, memory, installation, required, option, supports, efficiently, allocate,

Unimozer For Mac 0.24
Unimozer For Mac
Unimozer implements mostly the same functionalities as BlueJ does.
Date added:25 Aug 2010

Tags: Javaâ„¢, created, objects, automatically, interact, their, calling, public, using, represented, methods, Methods, compiled, diagram, BlueJ, allows,

Adobe AIR Launchpad for mac 1.0.0 Beta
Adobe AIR Launchpad for mac
Adobe® AIR® Launchpad beta is a new desktop tool that helps Adobe Flex® developers get started building desktop applications deployed on Adobe...
Date added:30 Aug 2010

Tags: Adobe, Launchpad, selected, sub folder, project, implemented, create, install, folder, created, creates, features, desktop, Flash, badge, containing,

Epiphany for mac 1.0
Epiphany for mac
This is Epiphany, a soft-styled menubar for Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
Date added:06 Sep 2010

Tags: Epiphany, theme, click, Leopard, Theme Park, menu bar, package, download, contents Open, File, keeping, should, created, apple, then Save, apply Log out,

Hobiconer for mac 1.2
Hobiconer for mac
Hobiconer is an App for Mac OSX Snow Leopard (10.
Date added:15 Sep 2010

Tags: sizes, iContainer, color, images, Compose, different, import, Leopard, export, icons, check, selector, Background, finder’s, files, 256x256,

PeDALS PST Archiver 0.2010.0914.4
PeDALS PST Archiver
Email message to XML file extractor for digital preservation created
Date added:17 Sep 2010

Tags: Library, Archives, System, project, research, Digital, Persistent, extractor, message, digital, preservation, created, Email,

dbfpy 2.2.5
dbfpy can read and write simple DBF-files.
Date added:17 Sep 2010

Tags: programs, DBF files, dbfpy, simple, tabular, write, Excel, generate, Access, handling, imported, created, other, import, python script, still,

Blackbody Radiation Spectrum for mac 1.0
Blackbody Radiation Spectrum for mac
The Blackbody Radiation Spectrum model shows six fixed-temperature curves between Tmin and Tmax and a red variable-temperature curve that can be...
Date added:21 Sep 2010

Tags: measured, using, Black body, Spectrum, Radiation, modeling, distributed, created, displayed The, range, Simulations, compiled, program, installed, click, Double,

epesi BIM For Mac 1.1.3 Rev 7318
epesi BIM For Mac
epesi BIM is free and 100% open source web application to store, organize, link and share information between people within a single business or...
Date added:28 Oct 2010

Tags: epesi, modules, workflow, created, processes, match, modified, using, framework, rapid, development, allow, libraries, collection, customized, design,

irrKlang for Windows 1.3.0b
irrKlang for Windows
irrKlang is a powerful high level API for playing back sound in 3D and 2D applications like games
Date added:21 Mar 2011

Tags: Simply, external, System, Plugin, streams, buffered, created, plugins, Works, compilers, functionality, being, place, where, retrieval, position,

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