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Exportizer 4.51
Exportizer is a database export tool. Allows viewing, editing database data with ability to copy open table to clipboard or export it to file.
Date added:03 Aug 2010

Tags: Exportizer, database, command, ability, export, Export, separated, specify, records, values, Excel, number, copied, function, Value, Field,

Exportizer Pro 4.51
Exportizer Pro
Exportizer Pro is a database export tool.
Date added:03 Aug 2010

Tags: Exportizer, database, ability, Excel, command, Export, export, specify, records, multitable, copied, number, separated, values, addition, ProIn,

CuteClips For Mac 3.1.10 screenshot
CuteClips For Mac
CuteClips 3 is the brand new release of Briksoftware's great clipboard history.
Date added:26 Oct 2010

Tags: CuteClips, clipboard, history, keeps, items, changes, clips, copied, providing, records, preview, perfect, Brik soft wares, release, brand, great,

Dialup Password Recovery Tool 1.0
Dialup Password Recovery Tool
Dialup Password Recovery Tool enumerates all dialup and VPN entries on your computer, and displays its logon details, such as User Name, Password,...
Date added:14 Jun 2011

Tags: Internet, password, recover, DomainYou, connection, displayed, clipboard, copied, information, Number, Phone, dialup, enumerates, Recovery, Password, entries,

SNFaceCrop 1.00
SNFaceCrop is a Windows-based application to detect and crop faces from an image file.
Date added:30 Jun 2011

Tags: copied, files, Windows, clipboard, library, OpenCV, saved, automatically, application, detect, faces, detected, image,

LinkPaster 1.0
LinkPaster runs in the background, waiting for links to be copied to the clipboard.
Date added:25 Aug 2011

Tags: online, pastable, conversations, converted, easily, around, waiting, background, links, copied, brackets, clipboard, Link Paster,

tiddlywebplugins.tiddlyspace 1.0.44 screenshot
TiddlySpace provides a shared hosting environment for lots of users using lots of Tiddlers, contained in "spaces".
Date added:21 Sep 2011

Tags: Content, easily, functionality, content, other, spaces, followed, copied, learning, sharing, network, create, modified, include, optionally, users,

synctool 4.7.1
synctool is a configuration management tool for working with clusters of computers.
Date added:16 Oct 2011

Tags: directory, 039overlay039, extension, contains, directories, copied, should, filename, means, system, simplifies, administration, following, designated, concepts, 039synced039,

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