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Air Video Server 2.4.0
Air Video Server
Air Video can stream videos in almost any format to your iPhone and iPod touch.
Date added:25 Aug 2010

Tags: videos, iPhone, stream, conversion, convert, offline, Video, supported, iTunes, converted, entire, directly, codecs, video, format, touch,

JODReports for mac 2.3.0
JODReports for mac
JODReports, Java OpenDocument Reports, is a solution for creating office documents and reports
Date added:25 Aug 2010

Tags: Open Office org, Writer, document, Open Document, using, instructions, format, documents, template, import, which, including, popular, source, other, templating,

PDF 2 PSP For Mac 1.6
PDF 2 PSP For Mac
PDF 2 PSP is a simple tool for converting PDF documents and print outs into JPEG images suitable for displaying on the Sony PSP handheld game...
Date added:10 Jun 2011

Tags: right, document, stored, built, support, couch Because, extensive, converted, downloaded, Map quest, headlines, directions, driving, Imagine, using, anywhere,

Books2burn For Mac 099b2
Books2burn For Mac
Books2burn translates text files into a series of audio files (Apple AIFF format) which can then be converted to mp3's or other formats using...
Date added:23 Jun 2011

Tags: tools, iTunes, programs, using, available, around, modify, under, released, program, formats, other, audio, series, files, translates,

Aura Video to Audio Converter 1.3.5
Aura Video to Audio Converter
With Aura Video to Audio, the free video to audio converter and free audio converter, you can convert..
Date added:24 Jun 2011

Tags: extracts, audios, encodes, supported, Video The, MPEG4, Editable, VDO Wave, Clear Video, Real Video, Users, select, listen, soundtracks, iPhone, devices,

wiki2xhtml For Mac 3.4b8 screenshot
wiki2xhtml For Mac
iki2xtml is a client-side CMS. Pages are written in Wikitext known from the Wikipedia and will then be converted into a webpage by wiki2xhtml.
Date added:27 Jun 2011

Tags: Wikipedia, converted, webpage, wiki2xhtml, known, Wiki text, client side, Pages, written, iki2xtml,

DNG Converter 2011.6
DNG Converter
DNG Converter is a simple image conversion freeware.
Date added:29 Jun 2011

Tags: popular, other, formats, output, support, images, converted, files, image, simple, conversion, freeware, Adobe, Converter,

iPod iPhone Movie Converter 1.1
iPod iPhone Movie Converter
iPod iPhone Movie Converter is the easiest and fastest way to convert your audio and video files for your Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad.
Date added:19 Jul 2011

Tags: fooled, Besides, support, players, converted, multiple, video Support, fullscreen, viewed, devices, without, parts, losing, smartphones, anything, virtually,

Quick Convert For Mac 3.0
Quick Convert For Mac
Convert all or just the selected tracks of the selected Playlist using your choice
Date added:17 Aug 2011

Tags: files, original, Trash, delete, andor, playlist, Optionally, Books, library, converted, readd, encoded, Choose, choice, available, using,

DB2RDF 1.0
DB2RDF is a a software tool that will convert data from relational data model to semantic data model (in the form of RDF and RDFS).
Date added:18 Aug 2011

Tags: querying, endpoint, converted language, semantic, software, convert, relational, model,

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