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RatioDiff For Mac 1.0.3
RatioDiff For Mac
RatioDiff computes the same p-values as this stats page.
Date added:06 Sep 2010

Tags: sheets, inserted, extra, spreadsheet, computes, values, stats, Excel,

Newton's Law of Cooling Model For Mac 1.0 screenshot
Newton's Law of Cooling Model For Mac
The Newton's Law of Cooling model computes the temperature of an object of mass M as it is heated by a flame and cooled by the surrounding...
Date added:29 Oct 2010

Tags: object, energy, temperature, thermal, model, transfer, within, function, faster, computes, Cooling, surface, uniform, surrounding, fluid, heats,

pknotsRG for Windows 1.3
pknotsRG for Windows
pknotsRG is a tool for folding RNA secondary structures, including the class of simple recursive pseudoknots.
Date added:22 Jun 2011

Tags: knotted, structure, minimal, pknotsRGenf, pseudoknot, enforces, computes, pknotsRGmfe, three, there, different, modes, available, delivers, energetically, quotbestquot,

MotionComposer For Mac 1.0
MotionComposer For Mac
Create interactive Web content using Flash® and HTML5!
Date added:03 Aug 2011

Tags: between, scenes, smooth, switch, actions, palette, should, variety, computes, integrated, client, upload, those, simply, renders, hybrid,

Kontroller 20080109
Kontroller is a program for manage cyber-cafes written with Python and PyQt3 module.
Date added:17 Aug 2011

Tags: based, computes, unlock, store, information, computers, users, about, shutdown, startup, cybercafes, manage, program, written, Python, Control,

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