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ADBCJ For Mac 0.1
ADBCJ is an asynchronous database driver API for the Java platform
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: driver, ADBCJ, database, native, thread, performance, currently, based, MySQL, Postgresql, drivers, built, platform, concurrency, using, similar,

Web Geostatistics 0.5.2 screenshot
Web Geostatistics
Web Geostatistics is a free, open-source desktop application that displays website or application usage statistics using a 3D model of Planet Earth
Date added:11 Aug 2010

Tags: statistics, application, Windows, events, Linux, After, based, users, world, location, usage, developer, desktop, using, Planet, Earth,

Glitch Sequencer For Mac 2.7
Glitch Sequencer For Mac
Glitch Sequencer is a free* cellular automaton based MIDI sequencer for the PC and Mac.
Date added:11 Aug 2010

Tags: based, Glitch, Sequencer, written, experimentation, fluid, Truchan, using, library, themidibus, great, Processing, evolving, sequencer, automaton, cellular,

Metamorphosis For Mac 1.0.4
Metamorphosis For Mac
Metamorphosis is a short course about Swing visual design and user interface implementation that can help you understand
Date added:17 Aug 2010

Tags: Fake clipse, Swing, Windows, provides, Metamorphosis, application, launch, elegant, Eclipse, based, command line, appearance, design, visual, about, overall,

CMock For Mac 1.0
CMock For Mac
CMock is a module/object mocking framework for C projects useful for interaction-based unit testing
Date added:19 Aug 2010

Tags: CMock, modules, object, conforming, interfaces, files, header, specified, source, auto generate, mocking, module object, framework, projects, interaction based, useful,

Edit AutoSmooth For Mac 2.1
Edit AutoSmooth For Mac
AutoSmooth is a very efficient one click color correction
Date added:20 Aug 2010

Tags: Auto Smooth, plugin, Photoshop, based, spots, airbrushing With, masking, available, affordable, click, hours, details, blemishes, teens, technique, preserve,

Love Number 1.0 screenshot
Love Number
A simple application for couples - it finds each partner's love number based on their names and gives explanation for each combination of...
Date added:20 Aug 2010

Tags: gives, names, explanation, combination, numbers, their, based, couples, application, finds, partners, number, simple,

Fujitsu Notebooks V700 Windows-based BIOS Update... 1.0
Fujitsu Notebooks V700 Windows-based BIOS Update...
Fujitsu Notebooks V700 Windows-based BIOS Update V1.11
Date added:21 Aug 2010

Tags: Fujitsu, Notebooks, V700, Windows-based, BIOS, Update, V1.11,

The Tricky Squirrel For Mac 1.06
The Tricky Squirrel For Mac
A simple but funny card game for three to five players. It is based on the game "Geschenkt ist noch zu teuer" from AMIGO.
Date added:23 Aug 2010

Tags: AMIGO, based, players, funny, three, simple,

UISpec4J For Mac 2.3
UISpec4J For Mac
UISpec4J is an Open Source functional and/or unit testing library for Swing-based Java applications, built on top of JUnit and TestNG.
Date added:25 Aug 2010

Tags: Swing, UISpec4J, testing, possible, scripts, write, resulting, especially, complexity, tests, low level, event based, libraries, using, produced, designed,

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