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RadarCube ASP.NET for MSAS 2.70.0 screenshot
RadarCube ASP.NET for MSAS
RadarCube is an ASP.
Date added:27 Jan 2012

Tags: OLAP, Pivot, PivotTable, Analysis, ASP.NET, drilling, hierarchy, pivoting,

Bytescout Image To Video SDK 2.10.715 screenshot
Bytescout Image To Video SDK
Image to video slideshow conversion - .NET & ActiveX SDK.
Date added:03 Apr 2012

Tags: image to video, image to avi, jpg to avi, png to avi, jpg to wmv, jpg to video, png to wmv, png to video, bmp to avi, bmp to wmv, transition effects, slide, slideshow, .net,

Ultra Crypto Component 2.0.2013.323 screenshot
Ultra Crypto Component
Easy and advanced encryption, decryption and hash ActiveX component for ASP or ASP.
Date added:29 Jun 2012

Tags: Easy and advanced encryption, decryption and hash ActiveX component for ASP or ASP.Net,

Bytescout SWF To Video SDK 1.50.494 screenshot
Bytescout SWF To Video SDK
Flash to video converter SDK to convert SWF and FLV to AVI and WMV videos with ease. Includes .NET and ActiveX interfaces.
Date added:12 Oct 2011

Tags: flash to video, flash to avi, flash to wmv, swf to video, flv to video, flv to avi, flv to wmv, swf to avi, swf to wmv, convert flash to video, flash to video converter, bytescout, sdk, .net, net, activex,

VintaSoftBarcode.NET SDK 6.0 screenshot
VintaSoftBarcode.NET SDK
Professional barcode reader and writer SDK for .NET software developers.
Date added:19 May 2011

Tags: Barcode, .NET, WPF, Reader, Generator, Writer, Barcode Recognition, SDK, Aztec, Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code, Code 11, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128,

RadarCube ASP.NET OLAP Chart for MSAS 2.70.0
RadarCube ASP.NET OLAP Chart for MSAS
ASP.NET and Silverlight OLAP control to add Visual Analysis to your applications.
Date added:07 Jun 2011

Tags: OLAP, ASP.NET, Business Intelligence, Silverlight, OWC, olap cube, WEB OLAP, drilling, Analysis, hierarchy, Chart, OLAP Chart, WEB Chart, Silverlight Chart, RIA Chart,

RadarCube ASP.NET Direct 2.70.0 screenshot
RadarCube ASP.NET Direct
Fastest and prowerful library (OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart controls) for ASP.NET and Silverlight.
Date added:28 Jan 2012

Tags: OLAP, Business Intelligence, ASP.NET, ASP, NET, ASP NET OLAP, OLAP control, OLAP component, Pivot, Pivot Table, PivotTables, Analysis, web OLAP, online analytical processing,

PDF Renderer SDK 2.30.594 screenshot
PDF Renderer SDK
PDF Renderer SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX converts PDF to PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF to EMF metafile.
Date added:25 Jun 2012

Tags: pdf renderer, pdf rendering, pdf render, pdf rendering library, pdf rendering engine, pdf renderer .net, pdf renderer library, c# pdf render, pdf to image, pdf to bmp, print pdf, pdf to png, pdf to emf, pdf component .net, pdf, net,

Bytescout PDF To HTML SDK 2.30.568 screenshot
Bytescout PDF To HTML SDK
PDF To HTML SDK allows developers to convert PDF to HTML preserving the layout without any additional software required.
Date added:26 Jun 2012

Tags: pdf to html, pdf to html converter, pdf to html sdk, pdf to html asp, pdf to html net, pdf 2 html, pdf to html vb net, pdf to html c#, pdf to html conversion, convert pdf to html, pdf html, convert pdf html,,

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