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WDumpEvt 2.2 screenshot
Windows NT/2000 eventlog management tool: dump, save, view the local/remote log
Date added:23 Apr 2008

Tags: eventlog, audit, service, user, ras, print, dump, security, application, system, event, shareware, windows nt security, windows 2000 security, system administration, reporting tool,

Magic Launch 1.4
Magic Launch
Magic Launch is a preference pane that lets you customize the experience of opening files on your Mac.
Date added:26 Aug 2010

Tags: application, Magic, Launch, system, types, Launch039s, dispatcher, selected, changes, concentrate, agent, workMagic, default, closes, resource, while,

JaQue For Mac 1.5
JaQue For Mac
JaQue provides an infrastructure for Microsoft LINQ like capabilities on Java platform.
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: JaQue, language, technology, application, writing, developers, logic, focus, regardless, under, development, supported, currently, Objects, underlying, specific,

With Swish you can access the files and folders you have stored on another computer securely via SFTP.
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: Swing, Explorer, component, application, border, coordinates, Additionally, things, other, selected, information, about, currently, layout, basic, convenient,

Web Geostatistics 0.5.2 screenshot
Web Geostatistics
Web Geostatistics is a free, open-source desktop application that displays website or application usage statistics using a 3D model of Planet Earth
Date added:11 Aug 2010

Tags: statistics, application, Windows, events, Linux, After, based, users, world, location, usage, developer, desktop, using, Planet, Earth,

Admin4J 1.0 RC1
Admin4J is a set of administration utilities for J2EE applications.
Date added:16 Aug 2010

Tags: application, applications, Administrators, issues, notified, production, Provides, run time, administrators, errors, administration, exceptions, end users, Problems, usage, environments,

Tynsoe Services Manager For Mac 0.1
Tynsoe Services Manager For Mac
First of all, this is my first real application, in fact, this is an AppleScript Studio application, but that’s almost a "real application".
Date added:26 Aug 2010

Tags: daemons, Open LDAP, start, application, check, almost, exemple, MacOS, installed, noticed, start stop, running, handle, graphical, command, there,

SQL Watch 3.0.0
SQL Watch
SQL Watch 3.0: Stealing from the poor giving to the rich
Date added:17 Aug 2010

Tags: driver, something, Change, class path, giving, Stealing, rich How, Download, application, Watch,

properJavaRDP For Mac 1.1
properJavaRDP For Mac
properJavaRDP is an open source Java RDP client for Windows Terminal Services.
Date added:17 Aug 2010

Tags: Windows, proper Java RDP, application, virtual, delivery proper Java RDP, Framework, their, Elliot, licensed, Demand, under, comes, without, warranty, License, General,

Skeleton Pro For Mac 1.9.7
Skeleton Pro For Mac
Skeleton Pro is a Swing demo application that can help you get started with Swing.
Date added:17 Aug 2010

Tags: configures, application, Swing, preferences, restores, layout, system, run time, Provides, Better, look26feel, better, License, Welcome, Preferences, About,

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