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With Swish you can access the files and folders you have stored on another computer securely via SFTP.
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: Swing, Explorer, component, application, border, coordinates, Additionally, things, other, selected, information, about, currently, layout, basic, convenient,

Geolog 2.62 screenshot
Geolog is a Perl script (also available as a Windows program) that you can use to generate HTML pages
Date added:29 Sep 2010

Tags: Geolog, script, using, information, website, assists, summaries, statistical, downloading, incrementally, uploaded, open, Ocprop, prepares, database Additionally, generation,

RNA Movies 2.4
RNA Movies
RNAMovies is a system for the visualization of RNA secondary structure spaces, i.e.
Date added:23 Jun 2011

Tags: quality, graphics, several, image, SVGexport, features, former, Single, input, format, supports, formats, export, supported, Additionally, replaces,

AppCleaner 1.0 Beta
AppCleaner is UpdateStar's lean and powerful freeware to find and delete obsolete data and files on your computer.
Date added:24 Jun 2011

Tags: cookies, internet, shape, history, temporary, removes, including, frees, space, unused, entries, Registry, cleans, computers, additionally, freeware It,

Log4Cocoa for Linux beta3
Log4Cocoa for Linux
Log4Cocoa is an Objective-C ...
Date added:26 Jun 2011

Tags: bindings, provide, affiliated, Apache, project, Jakarta, plans, Additionally, based, ObjectiveC, popular, logging, Log4J, package, Log4Cocoa,

JFreeMon 0.1 screenshot
Welcome to the JFreeMon project website.
Date added:28 Jun 2011

Tags: recent, documents, source, packages, below, quick, areas, common, access, install, resources, website, project, JFreeMon, overview, where,

Opster 3.2.1
Opster is a command line options parser, intended to make writing command line applications easy and painless.
Date added:26 Sep 2011

Tags: clear, concise, configuration, makes, which, Additionally, contains, commit, update, subcommands,

SEEDS 1.0.13
SEEDS requires Python version 2.6.5 or greater. Additionally, SEEDS requires the NetworkX package....
Date added:27 Sep 2011

Tags: further, instructions, installquot, setuppy, quotpython, process, please, httpdocspythonorginstallindexhtml, documentation, Distutils, official, running, straightforward, greater, Additionally, version,

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