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Internet Music Capture screenshot
Internet Music Capture
Automatically batch captures hundreds of songs from streaming play list stations.
Date added:04 Jul 2010

Tags: files, Radio, Studio, Capture, images, added, captured, Cover, capture, sound, audio, allows, quality, hundreds, resize, cover,

Taprats 1.0.12
Taprats is a Java applet that implements an islamic tiling technique based on the work of Hankin in the early part of the twentieth century
Date added:09 Aug 2010

Tags: Taprats, tiling, export, Added, inferring, Craig, hourglass, explore, tiles, starred, allow, Encapsulated, Postscript, tilings, irregular, figures,

Aljazeera English For Mac 0.3.3
Aljazeera English For Mac
Brings the best content from Aljazeera website directly to your browser via a friendly and easy to use extension!
Date added:13 Aug 2010

Tags: Added, speed, caching, Support2B, things, Changed, usage, space, optimize, section, others, thought, might, useful, nothing, Arabic,

JAutodoc 1.8.0
JAutodoc is an Eclipse Plugin for automatically adding Javadoc and file headers to your source code.
Date added:16 Aug 2010

Tags: Java doc, existing, comments, Existing, element, added, undocumented, auto generated, create, which, Decide, documented, elements, touched, headers, source,

picbulk 0.0.1 alpha
picbulk is a command-line tool designed to make easy a bulk upload of pics to picasaweb and alternatively send them by email.
Date added:23 Aug 2010

Tags: known, decided, release, I039ve, added, errors, should, those, images, uploading, tedious, GNU Linux, users, exceptions, years, alternatively,

FeedAnimal for mac 1.3 screenshot
FeedAnimal for mac
YelloSoft has been due for some software updates.
Date added:31 Aug 2010

Tags: YelloSoft, Sparkle, programs, framework, added, program, these, squish, automatically, soonThe, update, dozen, looking, Windows, equivalent, other,

Blacklist Mobile for Symbian 1.0
Blacklist Mobile for Symbian
BlackList Mobile is a tool used to block incoming calls and sms from contacts added to BlackList.
Date added:06 Sep 2010

Tags: BlackList, contacts, added, calls, incoming, Mobile, block,

ENG-Builder 1.01b
A (scriptable) tool to create the ENGDAT „Abstract“ file and rename all attached files to be ready for transmission.
Date added:09 Sep 2010

Tags: added, complete, Software, tasks Documentation, configuration, needs, serious, Requirements, Specification”, screen If, please, tracker, parameter, could, “documentation”, folder You,

ToTake List2 for Symbian 1.0
ToTake List2 for Symbian
New version of ToTakeList with more features added.
Date added:13 Sep 2010

Tags: added, features, ToTakeList, version,

Fly Fishing 3D for Iphone 1.02
Fly Fishing 3D for Iphone
Among sport fishing enthusiasts, "Fly Fishing" holds unmatched popularity, and we now introduce a full 3D game!
Date added:14 Sep 2010

Tags: challenge, fishing, mountain, types, enjoy, tilted, realistic, iPhone, added, their, Fishingquot, levels, flies, special, streams, middle,

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