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File Transporter Free 1.55
File Transporter Free
File TransPorter Pro is a great small simple FTP Program that sits, in the form of a transporter icon
Date added:20 Sep 2010

Tags: Trans Porter, great, it File, drag drop, locations, easily, multiple, files, simple, upload, keeps, Friendly, uploads, settable, friendly, Encrypts,

Transmusic For Linux 0.2
Transmusic For Linux
Transmusic convert music files from a format to an other format using a simple GUI.
Date added:02 Jun 2011

Tags: using, simple, exemple, player, other, format, convert, music, files, Trans music,

LXiMedia For Linux 0.2.0
LXiMedia For Linux
LXiMediaCenter can be used to play media files from a PC over a local network on a DLNA capable device (e.g.
Date added:02 Jun 2011

Tags: Stereo, 1080p, multichannel, surround, playback, title, resolutions, Definition, while, fixed, trans coding, following, features, quality, subtitle, descriptions,

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