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Lurid Dreams For Mac 1.0
Lurid Dreams For Mac
A musty old tome with a strange text on self-hypnosis sends our protagonist into a lucid dream searching for answers.
Date added:11 Aug 2010

Tags: dream, searching, answers, agenda, lucid, protagonist, strange, sends, musty,

Silvercoders DocToText 0.12.0 screenshot
Silvercoders DocToText
SILVERCODERS DocToText is a powerful utility that can convert MS Word
Date added:31 Aug 2010

Tags: Office, OpenDocument, Format, documents, plain, format, ISOIEC, DocToText, convert, binary, searching, indexing, things, failed, archiving, files,

Mobile Book (Holy Quran/Quran Bahasa Indonesia)... 1.0
Mobile Book (Holy Quran/Quran Bahasa Indonesia)...
Mobile Book is an application to read books equipped with Searching Functionality and Simple Structured Bookmark.
Date added:07 Sep 2010

Tags: Simple, Structured, Bookmark, Functionality, Searching, application, books, equipped, Mobile,

PoSSuMsearch For Mac 2.0
PoSSuMsearch For Mac
Significant speedup of database searches with HMMs by search space reduction with PSSM family models
Date added:09 Sep 2010

Tags: database, family, searches, speedup, models, method, protein, sequences, search, sequence, results, searching, subsequent, factor, efficient, classification,

Random Walk 2D for mac 1.0 screenshot
Random Walk 2D for mac
The RandomWalk2D program simulates a random walk in two dimensions.
Date added:16 Sep 2010

Tags: Physics, program, Statistical, Thermal, Source, programs, Double, clicking, archive, readytoruncompiled, distributed, RandomWalk2Djar, installed, searching, ComPADRE, found,

AlnEdit for mac 1.0 screenshot
AlnEdit for mac
Although a multitude of alignment editors already exist, I was unable to find any that were easy to install
Date added:17 Sep 2010

Tags: alignments, installing, deinstalling, fruitless, searching, frustrating, intensely, could, edited, after, hours, started, developing, bugreports, about, musthave,

Google Desktop for mac
Google Desktop for mac
Google Desktop is a desktop search application that gives you easy access to information on your Mac and from the web.
Date added:29 Sep 2010

Tags: Desktop, search, files, Google, results, searching, email, computer, Gmail, Search, you, including, indexing, pressing, access, these,

PAT for mac 0.9
PAT for mac
PAT is a Java-application for constructing multiple protein sequence alignments from regions of high similarity.
Date added:06 Oct 2010

Tags: sequences, program, Huson, Daniel, regions, which, algorithms, alignment, protein, share, domains, would, Global, compared, constructed, similarities,

Shooting the Monkey For Mac 1.0 screenshot
Shooting the Monkey For Mac
This EJS simulation allows the user to simulate the classical shoot the monkey demonstration.
Date added:29 Oct 2010

Tags: Source, simulation, Physics, Project, installed, Double, clicking, designed, program, easier, found, searching, models, computer, access, modify,

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